A scaleable cutting-edge solution for organisations  to improve employee wellbeing, reduce burnout and enhance organisation’s wellness and performance.    

LifeExcel enables employers to understand and support their employees in all aspects of their wellbeing and personal growth.  This innovative solution will help prevent mental health problems in the work place, and empower individuals to improve their resilience, life skills and achieve their full potential.

LifeExcel comprises multiple components including:

  • A personalised app for individuals to manage and prevent mental health issues and develop personal strengths
  • A dashboard, analytics and recommendations for organisations and departments – advising how to reduce stress and improve mental health and wellbeing;  and improve the collective intelligence and wellness of the organisation
  • AI/Machine Learning analysis to predict risks and create personalised recommendations for each user, department and organisation on how to reduce these risks and improve wellbeing.

LifeExcel has the worldwide potential to expand rapidly,  to not only improve the wellness and performance of organisations, but to also enable millions of employees to overcome their personal challenges, uplift their lives and attain optimum health and wellbeing.